Why managing baby boomers, generation x and generation y is impossible

By admin

But exactly how does it aid you, as a manager?Does it really help to recognize– or should I state think– that since Bob was born in 1950 he values job safety and security most importantly else or that due to the fact that Karen was birthed in 1975 she agrees to place in lengthy hrs to fast-track her success? Or since Beth was birthed in 1955 she’s much like Bob?What if you’re wrong? And that’s what I’m getting at individuals. instead of treating people as component of some Generation, or indeed categorizing them as part of any type of group, why not treat them as individuals?When you recognize your personnel as individuals, you’ll uncover what absolutely makes them tick– what talents they have, what they master, what job they such as doing, who they like working with, what motivates them, how they like to be taken care of as well as various other substantial high qualities. Equipped with this understanding you can customize your management style as well as strategy per person and also, by doing so, get the greatest out of them!So forget the Generations. Treat your individuals as people. Figure out what drives them.